Leverage Google Reviews/Testimonials for your Small Business

Are you in the 90% ?

I recently surveyed almost 4,000 folks in my email community to ensure that I am delivering the most valuable resources, information and opportunities for your business success.

And almost NINETY PERCENT-- 90% said "I need more marketing information!" Well, that's awesome, because marketing is my JAM.

Specifically, Relationship Marketing strategies--ways that you can connect with your potential clients and customers, as well as peers and other stakeholders that you need in your Trifecta Tribe!

So, what that means for you is that you can expect more marketing, more life (I TOTALLY said that in my DJ Khaled voice as I typed it!) in my upcoming emails, workshop offerings and other content that I create for you.

If marketing is your jam too, then yay! AND if you are in the 10% of my community who is not interested in marketing, then reply to me and tell me how I, or another member of our community, may serve your business needs!

And, if marketing IS your jam and you want some juicy tidbits for getting 5-Star Google Reviews and testimonials that showcase your awesomeness, then check out my video below. And also, reply to me and let me know what tips you plan to implement and what topics you need more of!

Be sure to come on back here to the Her Power Space blog for the information you NEED to SUCCEED! Here's to your success! #weallwin

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